Chun Liu Yip (Lou)

Ambitious Black Sheep


This Freelancer is a new comer to Roanapur. Currently he is the owner and pilot of the sea plane Brown Eyed Girl and Apex Unlimited.


Chun Liu Yip was born in 1968 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He was born into a wealthy family and as a child was sent to private schools. During his time in school, he was often caught in fights and expelled numerous times. When he was 17 his parents sent him to Birmingham City University. While in university, he had been interested in car racing and had spent numerous hours during track days and illegal underground street racing. Through it all he managed to graduate with a First Class Degree in Humanities. Now most people would usually find a job in their field, not Lou, though. He gambled and raced his way into debt. He is also a fan of Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Unfortunately, when his parents came to visit, they were livid when they discovered that they had sent their son to college and that he had squandered all the money they had sent him. Fearing that he would bring more shame to his family, Lou decided to join the Royal Air Force. Joining the RAF in 1988 he was quickly selected for flight school. Once graduating from pilot school he went on to fly the SEPECAT Jaguar with No. 6 Squadron. Lou served in Operation Granby (Gulf War, 1990-1991), Bosnia, and Operation Southern Watch. In 1998 Lou was discharged from the RAF with rank of Squadron Leader. After drifting from job to job a friend from Hong Kong contacted him to run sports cars from Europe to Hong Kong. Unbeknownst to Lou, he had no idea that he was working for the Triads and after a freak accident involving a peacock and a ditch, Lou was put on a hit list for wreaking a Ferrari 450 worth 350,000 dollars. While on the run he got the idea to run to Roanapur, Thailand where he could lay low and see about paying off the debt he owed the Triads and get is name off their hit list.

Chun Liu Yip (Lou)

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