Finley McClain

Model Apex Unlimited Employee


A proud Scotsman who was Apex Unlimited’s first employee.


Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1965 to a lower class family, Finely was the eldest of 6 children. During his youth he was a lackluster student for the most part except for music classes. His love of music expanded to his skin in the form of a “QUEEN FOREVER” tattoo on his chest (which is the butt of some jokes with his coworkers from Apex.) When he was 14 a neighbour noticed that Finley’s adeptness in running and jumping would make him a good candidate for playing Rugby Union. With that suggestion and the blessing of his “Mum” he played in the Under 17 League of Scotland. There he was a standout because of his massive frame that he grew into. At 6’6 and 225lbs of muscle by the time he was 17, Fin was quite the powerhouse on the Rugby pitch and had even had a chance on the Scottish National Rugby Squad. After breaking his leg in a car accident, Fin missed his chance to play rugby professionally and instead chose to enlist in the Royal Marines in 1982. While in the Royal Marines he was a workhorse of a marine. He served in the Falklands War of 1982, Lebanon in 1985, Gulf War in 1991, and two deployments to Northern Ireland before being discharged in 1992. Once out he returned to Glasgow in December of 1992 to meet up with his brother, Andy. Andy was a bit of a black sheep amongst his family. Andy told Fin that he had owed some local drug dealers some money and had no way of paying them. Conflicted on whether to let his brother deal with his repercussions or trying to deal with the men that Andy owed money to, Finn went on a walk in the snow to clear his mind. It was there that he decided that he would deal with the drug lords and his brother at the same time. Finn arrived at his brother’s apartment and punched him until he was unconscious and threw him into his car. Finn then drove to a rehab clinic and dropped his brother off, unconscious. Then it was off to the drug lord’s area of operations, an old abandoned hospital. Finn ran in and started demanding the Kingpin’s attention. Once this was granted he told the Kingpin that he should release his brother’s debts or else. Humoured, the Kingpin said that there can only be two ways of payment: all the money or Andy’s head. Frustrated Finn lunged at the Kingpin and started to beat the living daylights out of him and 7 of his cronies. Just then a police emergency response team showed up and arrested everybody including Finn. After being interrogated by the police, Finn was let go. Upon leaving the station he overheard several officers talking about the crazed giant who took on a drug kingpin and 5 of his underlings. Amused, Finn approached the officers and corrected them by telling, “Aye, that was me, but it was seven, not five.” Amazed one of the detectives approached Finn to shake his hand telling him, “Holy Shit, good job on that rubbish, have you ever thought about making it into a career?” Finn replied, “No, where could I get a job beating people until they comply and bring them in?” Astounded the detective pointed out the door towards a bounty office and told him to get a job there. Finn did just that and became a certified bounty hunter. For 8 years he did this until he ran into a bounty by the name of Lou Chun. Lou, who was wanted for transporting stolen sports cars was nothing new to Finn, so when Finn cornered Lou for collection of the bounty, Finn was ready for a fight. Instead he found Lou trying to figure out how to repay the debts he owed. Finn told Lou to put his hands up, that he was taking him into custody. Lou said that he wasn’t going to jail, not today at least. Finn said, “Why not? What makes you so confident that I won’t bring you in? You’re alone, unarmed?” Lou said, “I know you think you’re taking me in on transportation of stolen vehicles, but have you seen who issued that bounty?” Finn, “No. I don’t care.” Lou began to tell Finn that it was a local Triad boss who had his fingers into the local police. Enraged that Lou had wreaked a Ferrari 450, he had told the Police Chief that he wanted Lou dead or alive so he could get his revenge. After telling Finn this story, Finn felt sympathy for him and instead dragged him to a pub where they drank. It was there that Finn and Lou became friends and Finn promised to help exonerate his friend.

Finley McClain

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