Infamous Hacker.


Not much is known about R4V3Nc14W other than this person’s alias. It has been suggested that RAVENCLAW is a group of hackers that act on a consensus. Some of the known operations that this person/group have perpetrated are the 1998 hijacking of the NYSE’s index in which the opening bell rung in the ticker with symbols of Dumbo the elephant for 3 hours before the link was manually cut. Another such event was the 1999 hacking of the US State Dept. During this episode at least 200,000 pages of classified documents were stolen. Though the White House had stated no such leak occurred, it was confirmed on the jumbotron at Yankees stadium that month…. Though it is assumed that the person or persons apparently have no idea when baseball season starts since the message was broadcasted in early February.
Not much is known at this time and whereabouts have suspected to but not limited to South East Asia.


Once Upon a Time in Roanapur RunelordDan