Pretty from a distance, but that’s about as close as you want to get to this femme fatale.


Half Japanese half Peruvian hitwoman who has worked for various gangs, splinter cells, and as freelance for certain private entities in the past between Japan, South America, China and Europe. Birth date unknown, birthplace unknown, although this is assumed that she was born either in Peru or Japan and has been guessed to be around mid 20’s too early 30’s. Known or suspected operations she was apart of or affiliated with are fundamentalist eco terrorist group named the Yanme’e that was responsible for the hostage taking of a Dutch oil tanker in 1997. another suspected operation she was apparently a part of was the 1998 take over by FARC rebels of the Colombian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela in which FARC rebels seized control of the embassy for 3 months and it is assumed that she managed to get them in there. Other traits that are known is her ability to fluently speak Japanese and Spanish and she is known to use a custom Browning Hi Power and has been quite the fan of poisons and Charka torture.
Considered extremely dangerous, this assassin considers herself very cold and professional, just like her late father, Haruki Yoshida. It seems like she had inherited a lot of her father’s traits. Her father was considered one of the best assassins in his field until his murder in 1992. Her mother is unknown other than being from Peru. Details on Amaya are sketchy at best, though some contacts have claimed to of spotted her handiwork in the city of Roanapur, Thailand.
She is thought to have been heavily tattooed and either covers it up with make up or clothes.


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